Monday, February 09, 2009

Full Moon

In an hour and twenty minutes:

- 3 people need help printing resumes
- A senior calls about needing tax help. He told me Big Lib told him Not here, but when I called Big Lib to say "what gives," the librarian said, Of course we are doing it, here are the hours.
- photocopy tax form -- hold this little button down and hit print, and oh, yes ma'am, you're right, you can't print from PC while she copies
- Coworker gave patron scissors: "I need to cut the filter off my cigarette"
- book on leadership
- books on presidents
- Coworker deals with patron who wants to spread the word about the dangers of drinking battery acid. She hands coworker a piece of paper and asks if the words are spelled right; coworker replies, "Uh-hunh, that's close: just add a "y" to battery and spell acid A-C-I-D." She seems to do it with a straight face.


Matt said...

OMFG - Battery Acid!?!

Lisa said...

You know, it's not clear what really happened and what's, um, imaginary.