Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Does observing Banned Books Week put you on pins and needles? Uncomfortable about starting those difficult conversations: "Well, sir, at the public library we believe people can read whatever they like, even if it's the political opposite of what you believe"? Then turn to Dewey's Bland Books Week!

Speaking of observances, it's also Mental Illness Awareness Week this week. You might mark it like the commenter on this blog (anon. who posted at 1:31 pm) by affirming your good works with the mentally ill.


Anonymous said...

re: The graph.... While this is generally true, I feel compelleed to point out that Tolkien made up languages first, then created a world to house them... I like to think he did a good job.


Anonymous said...

"compelleed"... oy.

I'm slipping...

cnb said...

Well, I believe Tolkien was a professor of languages not of literature, so he would be the guy you want making up a language. I also think it's a shame that more people aren't fluent in Elvish. Or maybe I'm just dreaming of long conversations with Orlando Bloom?

Lisa said...

I think I'll allow Tolkien as the exception that proves the rule.

I found the graph funny on the heels of having given up on Erin Hunter's Warriors. A respected coworker urged that I "forget that they are cats" and get lost in the story. I couldn't. "Even the names sounded silly," I told someone else, adding, "but I don't get why I can forgive 'Biblo Baggins' but not 'Graypaw.'"