Friday, October 10, 2008

Here's an item from the Washington Post about conservative youth protesting Fairfax schools' rejection of their book donation. It reminds me of the old gent who went on and on yesterday about his brilliant (adult) granddaughter: the 5.something GPA in high school, the Red Cross babysitting and first aid cards, the good grades at a reputable college (though I forget which) -- and, did I remember that demonstration at Short Pump Mall a couple years back?

- Um, no?

Well, she and a bunch of other girls organized a protest against "all those naughty t-shirts those stores sell. You've seen them, right? It's just disgraceful...." etc. etc. "And, do you know, they stopped selling them."

I neither admitted nor denied knowing which t-shirts he and his family found "dirty." I allowed that he sure must be proud of the kid and looked desperately to make eye contact with someone else.

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