Friday, May 16, 2008

What's New


Matt said...


Anonymous said...

Bitchin' new sneakers! :)


Lisa said...

The best way to find step-kid sneakers turned out to be online. The search for women>sneakers>size 10.5 brought up a zillion cute Vans, too. The Kid showed no interest. I couldn't resist some for me.

Also, that's the new Family Car, an Accord. When did I turn into a Grown Up?

cnb said...

I thought you were going with a CRV? If you were feeling guilty about an SUV, check out the surprising cover article on environmentalism from Wired magazine for June. Still searching for a vehicle for the hubs and myself.

AND PS have you submitted your picture for hottest librarian to WDL?

Lisa said...

CNB, I liked the RAV over the CRV, but I had all this SUV guilt, which I mentioned to Dad, who said, What? You need an SUV three, four times a year for camping? Borrow mine and get good gas mileage the rest of the year. And now that I am "out" about having a car, we have got to meet in Fredericksburg. June? July?

I missed WDL's call for photo submissions, but I am not sure I qualify, anyway.