Monday, May 12, 2008

Things I Did With Public Computers Today

Opened up an OPAC's CPU and unplugged the speaker so patrons wouldn't accidentally launch the summer reading club song attached the the video embedded in our homepage any more. (see also OPACs and suckage)

Tried to fish out a non-existent diskette because of a "non system disk error" message. Just opening this PC seems to have gotten it on track.

Turned one off and on to make it send print jobs.

Explained to a woman that she was in fact logged into the computer, that's why the desktop was showing. "But when I do this [she opened Internet Explorer], I get this." She pointed in dismay to the library's home page. - Ah, yes. I said. On these public computers, the homepage is always our library's home page. "Oh, so I have to go to MSN myself?"

Capital City weather: cloudy, 50. Who took away spring?

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