Friday, March 07, 2008

Grilled Cheese

Although I had scrambled eggs (with salsa and chips) for lunch today, I've been on a bit of a grilled cheese tear. Here's a query about good grilled cheese in Capital City. Zuppa definitely makes a nice one. We've just (re)discovered Tarrant's, so that's one to try. I think the old NY Deli did a good one, too.

Other folks posted to give directions to make it at home; I agree with the butter-and-Kraft singles fellow. I usually keep "light" wheat bread in the house, though. I suspect I am only fooling myself in believing it to be better for me than white bread.

In other restaurant news: the original WorldCup building now houses a sushi place.


cnb said...

I have a deeply held conviction that grilled cheese sandwiches must be made with muenster cheese. It makes for an extremely GOOEY sandwich, and muenster is just damn tasty. Cheddar just doesn't work for me somehow.

And PS whaddya mean there's a sushi place where World Cup used to reside? World Cup was the scene for one of Highest lows and one of my Lowest highs... or something like that.

Lisa said...

Wow, C, that's a lot drama for a "mere" coffee shop.

Four or 5 years ago, WorldCup moved east into an old gas station-garage nearer VCU. One or two folks tried their hands at making the old place into another coffee shop. About a year ago, a Starbucks opened 3-4 blocks north, in the old Fan Market building, so no more local coffee. I guess sushi makes as much sense as anything.

Also about a year ago, the VCU-WorldCup was sold to the owners of Crossroads, a good coffee shop near Forest Hill Park, so that space is still locally-owned.