Monday, March 24, 2008

Balancing the Collection

If Society for Librarians Who Say . . . and similar blogs bring you down, try Library Lemonade. (via Library Stuff)

Because it can't all be about libraries, how about "A gathering place for nerdy women"? (via NotMartha)

A sweet patron hoped to make my day by pointing out the TD's Easter slide shows: the parade and the Stations of the Cross and Good Friday ones. We did not parade this year. :-(

Watching: A BBC "Robin Hood" series.
Reading: 700 Sundays, by Billy Crystal


cnb said...

Absolutely love the BBC Robin Hood series!! Are they back on, or are these re-run episodes? The actor that plays Much is the grandson of one of the first Doctor Who portrayers (Patrick Troughton). Oh yeah, my geekiness knows NO boundaries.

And a happy late Easter to ya!

Lisa said...

I checked out season one from my lib (no cable at our house). We didn't watch them all; it was a near miss. I wanted to like it. I like Robin Hood stories. I don't mind the over modern political references -- I even read that, through time, Robin tales have been used to critique the government.

I wanted to forgive how the men all seemed to be wearing skater-punk hoodies. Because she is otherwise well-portrayed, I wanted to forgive Marian's obvious makeup. I wanted to believe not killing the sheriff the first 3 times Robin get the chance is the right thing -- but I can't. :-(

cnb said...

I will agree with you that by about the 6th episode, when you hear Little John say, AGAIN, "So we go to Nottingham!" It gets a little repetitious. I also dislike that they have strayed away from the Will Scarlett as Robin's brother angle, but maybe that will come up this season?

I think what makes this series fun for me, are the 2 baddies - Richard Armitage (Sir Guy) & Keith Allen (the Sheriff) - they are so fun to watch. Well, La de da de da!