Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poise & Grace

We've been interviewing some job candidates and it had given me a certain serene confidence. Yeah, I've been doing this for over two years now, I do all this stuff every day without breaking a sweat.

It took only one rappin' cell phone ring to upset that serenity.

Me: I'm so sorry -- we ask that you use your phone outside. And also, I need to ask you to put that chair away: that's a stand-up-use computer [as per the bright purple sign].

Her: I am feeding my baby!

Me: I'm sorry we can't block the aisle.

Her: I thought County employees were supposed to be nice!

Me: I'm sorry. I noted the preteen who seemed to be with Her and disappeared for 30 seconds then returned to say: We've got two PCs in the lab you can sit down at.

Her (to middle school kid with her): I know, I am shutting down my computer.

Middle schooler: But the lady is talking to you.

Her: . . .

I walked away. After all, a phone was ringing over in Children's, and I was feeling all hot-n-bothered.

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Daniel said...

Ah, yes...the constant refrain: *I* can be an ass to everyone who surrounds me, but *you* must be nice to *me.*