Friday, August 17, 2007

News Round Up

I keep meaning to mention that on Cary and Franklin Streets through VCU they've painted the school's mascot on the road. Very odd for a school where students never used to own anything with the school name or logo on it. Their new building, east of Belvedere, promises to be a handsome Richardsonian Romanesque Revival Revival structure.

At the Diamond: Library Night (last night) got all the way into the top of the second inning before it was called for rain. High wind, heavy rain, thunder and lightening lasted for a good five hours; no quick summer thundershower. At least the kids got introduced and to run onto the field with the players. That's always nice to see, as were the myriad of jovial coworkers. Oh, and, a band from Fort Lee did a quite good, brassy, national anthem.

At my lib, as a result of said storm: no power today. The lib crew did a mad amount of shelf reading in Children's. I pulled lease books and messed with gift books. I cleaned display shelves and whatnot until Children's librarian threatened to take the dust rag away. By 11:00, we had to eat some leftover ice cream. We called it a day at 1:30.


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