Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey, I Know That Guy.

So for the zillionth time since I was 17 or so, I passed a CPR class today. It was held at Big Library and ended late enough in the afternoon that there was no point in heading back to my Lib. I slid into an absent librarian's cubicle and did e-ref and answered my own e-mail for a bit. I chatted with another librarian about the CK business, and slid out of the building early.

But not early enough! I turned on WCVE to hear a story nearly over: some hipster talking about ice cream truck music. He mentioned growing up in Virginia Beach. "Hey, that's just down the road a ways." And then he mentioned his band, One Ring Zero, and I said, "Well, hell, it's Mike Hearst." First a blurb in The New Yorker; now this. Such fame for a dude I met at a couple of parties. Listen to it, here NPR : One Ring to Rule Them: 'Ice Cream' Songs Hit Big.

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