Friday, June 22, 2007

Class, part 2

A ton of training has been thrown our way lately. Some have featured weak trainers who have not considered (or asked) our needs or what we know about their database/product already.

Yesterday's mad dash through Encyclopaedia Britannica onlione was not one of those. The conference call + webinar was for public librarians only, so the instructor already knew roughly how to tailor her agenda. We had two or three chances to interact as a group, such as when we submitted common reference questions -- which the instructor used as a point of reference as she showed cool feature like timeline, the atlas, "Compare Countries" and "Gateway to the Classics." She had us explore these resources, plus the "workspace" feature, just long enough to remember them (I hope) for when the right patron comes along.

Now, if you clicked on that EB link, you won't get any of those features, because that's what subscribers pay for. That's what your public library card gets you. But as a card holder, I can share stuff with others, like posting the link, below, and e-mailing articles. So that's cool.

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