Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Didn't you always admire the big puzzle piece maps on campers? You know, the ones where the family put in each state-shaped piece as they visited. I also like good old fashioned paper maps with pins stuck in them. If you enjoy these things, too, check out Google Maps; here's one I made. Via Sheree's friend (who I met once or twice) Bibliodiva.


Last week, I rescued a skink. This one had gotten all the way into Children's, over by the magazines. That makes me three for three: three springs at my Lib., three small reptiles rescued. See item two, here; and I guess I didn't write about the other one.

Capital City weather: cloudy, 50
Reading: The Wal-Mart Effect, Charles Fishman.


Spunky p said...

First Landing? Intersting...I remember it as "Seashore State Park when I was a lass. At summer camp there, we used to net crabs in the bay, and cook them for dinner rather than eating camp food. Yum.

Lisa said...

Spunky, it did used to be Seashore S.P. I thought I had camped there as a teen GS, but it was completely unfamiliar. Yet familiar , . . familir via Richmond hipster momma "Silver Fox" and her story of taking her sons there a couple of years ago and being ketp up by traffic on Route 60. . . .