Wednesday, April 11, 2007


1. How cool is this? Take the URL of a site that makes you register (to read a newspaper story, e.g.) cut-n-paste it into the box at Bug Me Not, and you get a user name and password to spit back at the site.

2. Police presence at my branch the first two days of spring break; what will toady bring?

3. Yeah, lady, I am real impressed by the way you made your four year old say "bye-bye" when you left. It's not liek I noticed you smack him for turning off the PC next to yours. It wasn't me who brought him back to you when he came and stood behind the ref desk. And I didn't at all mine repositioning the keyboard and throwing away all the scrap paper he drew on (okay, I left the pencil scribbles on the desk for our janitor; mean of me).


sheree said...

Lisa, honey, WHY were their cops at the libe? I thought you were in Genteel Richmond, not in my old neighborhood!

Lisa said...

Well, there was an arrest, then an officer following a lead about a runaway child, then the delivery of a subpoena. . . .