Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Yard Birds

This morning:
american goldfinch
cedar waxwings
mourning doves
various sparrows. . .

Capital City weather: 33 degrees


Daniel said...

Because all Marylanders--except those in the Arctic regions of Garrett County--are terrorized by the mere mention of snow, we had the day off. Aiee! 2" of feather-light snow!

Unfortunately, this meant that while I got an extra couple of hours to sleep, I needed to move the car, which I had not put in the garage, expecting to drive it to school before the magic towing hour of 7AM. When I did so, I walked outside to a deafening chorus of birds, who were clearly not amused by the weather. I was actually awakened by Wally Cat, who was intrigued by the swarming lunch-on-the-wing. Nothing too exotic, but mostly a very large murder of crows, seven bazillion starlings, and on the ground, lots of sparrows who seemed fairly unfazed by snow.

Carol said...
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Lisa said...

Balto. got only 2 inches of snow?? But county schools NW begining from Hanover and Spotsy were closed -- did they close on less than that?