Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Professional Reading

Most of the blogs I read are fun. I might argue that reading others' stories about sticky situations makes me think about similar situations that could arise here and prepares me to handle them. I can certainly say that Tales from the Liberry, Miss Information and the like provide that "we're not alone in this" feeling that's so nice. (No one else's patrons bring their library cards to the library!)

This morning as I clicked around, I found His items are morse learned than light, and he uses phrases like "the semantic library." A recent entry sums up business advice that libraries out to consider before wildly asserting that they will, say, compete with NetFlix:

"... some of the advice given by a Business Week article about the Eastman Kodak company:

* Watch for treacherous shifts
* Get your best people behind the program
* Give your new initiatives room to breathe
* Make painful breaks with the past
* Don’t confuse what your company does with how it does it."

Something to file away for a future when I lead change, not struggle to understand it all.

Capital City weather: mild -- getting into the 50s I think

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