Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Not the book club selection (Freakanomics), not the Dickens that Fforde inspired me to check out, not a YA novel, and certainly not a book I have out with a title along the lines of Weddings for Grown Ups -- but, instead, Wil Wheaton on the sunset on Mars.


Daniel said...

Freakanomics is pretty groovy. It's interesting, overall, but it also features a chapter on names and their socioeconomic impact. I taught for three years in a school where "Shaniqua" was one of the more sedate, normal names and now teach in a school where Sam and Charminique share a table. The study was fascinating, and confirmed some of my opinions and observations, while flouting others. Do read it if you get a moment.

cnb said...

I just ordered this book as a present for the J-man. I'm hoping he will like it as he tends to enjoy the non-fiction more than I do.

Currently reading Cornelia Funke's "Inkheart" on a recommendation from a very sweet Junior girl at SJC. She has hopes of becoming a librarian!! How cool is that?