Saturday, December 02, 2006


I'm not sure how to sell The Looking Glass Wars, by Frank Beddor. "If you liked The Golden Compass, try this"? But I didn't like Pullman's series that begins with that book, so maybe that's not right. I don't think one need to have read Lewis Carroll's Alice, but that's why I wanted to read it.

Beddor creates two worlds for us: Alice Liddell's Victorian England, and Alyss Heart's Wonderland -- though the young women in question is the same person. A rightful queen is overthrown; a wicked one installed. Battles are pitched. There's loyalty, friendship, and some romance; also, sadness. The Hatter appears, as does the Cheshire Cat; though I am sad to report that the latter is quite menacing.

I enjoyed it, but I don't know to whom I will recommend it.


cnb said...

ME!! ME!! I'm the one to recommend this book to!! It sounds right up my alley. I loved both Wonderland and Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll in all of his child predator/absinthe glory. :-) I have to get through "Son of a Witch" first, tho'.

Hey, I didn't like "The Golden Compass" either... maybe this is why we're friends?? I think Pullman's story didn't become interesting until he introduced Will in "The Subtle Knife". Lyra is just plain annoying.

Lisa said...

C, Have I got a book for you. . .