Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Librarians tend to lean left. An item in American Libraries this month draws our attention to right-leaning and sharply critical (or satirical of) of ALA librarian bloggers. These bloggers links lists point to others, but also to . . . neutral? non polemical? . . . blogs I like, such as Vampire Librarian, Happyville Librarian (I'd lost the URL), and Libetiquitte. Worth checking on: Annoyed Librarian, Shush.

(P.S. I just spell-checked because a word I easily typo is "librarian," used several times above. Why the heck doesn't Blogger's spellcheck know the word "bloggers" and "blogs"??)

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Anonymous said...

I truly enjoy reading some of those blogs you and the article mentioned (and I'm sooo not a conservative). As a current student, I'm glad to hear 'from the ranks' commentary--regardless of political stripe...