Monday, November 06, 2006

Around Town

Mankin, a showplace built by a brickmaker during Virginia's colonial revival hey-day, is now available for weddings. Philance took me by it on a tour of East Henrico on one of our first outings together. Alas, according to the T-D, it's rather out of our price range, as it is designed for destination weddings.

I keep meaning to mention how nice it is that someone converted the small hotel on Franklin just east of Belvidere into apartments. When I come home from the Y, it's nice to see lights on in that building.

At the Byrd: installation of a new sound system.

Bumperstickers noted on Cary Street this morning: "We Homeschool / Because Home is Cool" with "Public School? / Aren't You Worried About Socialization?" on a minivan and "Clinton Ruined a Dress / Bush Ruined a NATION" on an SUV.


cnb said...

Speaking on bumperstickers -

1. " W is for Women" - Are you **^*^ kidding me?? Who are these people? And why do we let them procreate? I should also mention I've only seen them on the back of very large expensive SUVs.

2. "All my heroes are cowboys" - The best part is that this one has pictures of Reagan and 43 in cowboy hats.

But my all time favorite is "Somewhere in Texas, a village has lost its idiot".

Oh... another one I saw in the District yesterday, "I love my German Shepherd", and there is a picture of Pope Benedict the 16th. Ah, those crazy Catholics and their sense of humor.

Lisa said...

Hey, CNB, sorry I never got back to you about the feeling in Va. on Wed., after the election. It was a very normal day at NP with storytime, run-of-the-mill ref. and an evening program. A good place to check for politics is rva blogs.