Saturday, September 09, 2006

We Are Now Engaged

P proposed at Natural Bridge on September 2nd


Doots said...

happy getting engaged day (a few days ago)!
dutch and i count the day we met as our engagement day as we were married a scant 10 weeks later. it means more to us than the day we actually got married. we celebrate our 15th "nice to meet you - i love you - lets get married very soon" day on the 19th of this month.
ok... i see i just made this comment all about me, which is a nasty habit, so let me say what it was i wanted to say to begin with...

Daniel said...

I've already done the congratulations via telephone, which is sort of inappropriate, really. Very correctly, one does not congratulate an enagagement, but only the wedding, and then one congratulates the groom but offers "best wishes" to the bride.

As this is the Bride's blog, I'll now pester her about locations:
a)Monumental Church would be cool and somewhat creepy!
b)Loew's would be awesome and there would be a starry sky no matter the weather
c)the Byrd is prettier and I can score good organists for you
d)the Jefferson is lovely but way too expensive
e)the Carillon (the Carillon itself, not the teeny movie house) would be way cool
f)maybe if I call in some old favors, we could pull the gig off at the National--nothing like an empty picture palace for a party!
g)harder to pull off, but a wedding at Miller and Rhoads could be seriously entertaining
h)giant picnic wedding on Belle Isle

Daniel said...
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LisaBe said...

i witnessed (not officially, just by accident) a wedding on the bridge over the log flume at kennywood this weekend.
natural bridge would be swell, as it's obviously a special place for you two :)
you should definitely wear the chicken on your head in lieu of a veil. it's a great look for you.

Georgi said...

Congrats to you two! I'm so excited for you! Perhaps we could cook you a congratulatory dinner? Or even better, have a huge cook-out/bonfire with lots of guitars and indigo girls songs in your honor. You and P up to it?

sheree said...

Ohmigoodness! How exciting! Best wishes to you, and congrats to the groom-to-be. HORRAY!!