Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A more formal portrait.
Thanks, Jess.

I adore my engagement necklace, which belonged to Phiance's mom. It's simple, yet shiny. An added bonus: no awkward poses with one hand by my face, or both folded in front of me to show it off!


Vickie J said...

Oh man, how cool, and beautiful. Nice picture, too--you guys are just so darned cute!

Daniel said...

...and cool pose for both: Insanely Perky L and Ultimately Mellow P!

I'm all about the traditional Southern "engagement gift" rather than a big hunkin' rock. When my 'rents were affianced, Dad gave Mom a string of pearls instead of a ring. (Bet I can get Mom to surrender some of her other funky '50s dresses for your "first day" and "second day" trousseau, too...)