Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What He Said

I, too, spent some time cleaning out the other day. The juxtaposition between, Why did I keep this?, and Oh! This! (Such good memories.) is nice. Raised by parents whose folks got rid of Mad Magazine #1 and Beatles mementos, though, I have a lower number of the first kind of memento than the second. It's hard to get myself to that "my stuff doesn't own me" moment. Thus I found a dozen or so Star Wars bubble gum cards, and I kept them.


cnb said...

There are VERY few toys that I wish my parents had kept. I still cannot believe my Mom sold my Star Wars figurines in a yard sale. Even she regrets that move.

Daniel said...

It's funny how the childhood toys just seem to disappear. I had Magic Eight Ball and Etch A Sketch as a kid. I don't remember Mom getting rid of them, but they just fell off the radar over the years. I had to buy a new Magic Eight Ball in order to help plan my daily life. Fortunately, the really "important" toys--my toy soldiers and stuffed animals--made the cut, and I've still got 'em.