Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Dan continued my thread on postcards, here. I, too, like old postcards for the messages. Often, a writer's two-cents-worth was about a change in travel plans or a reminder that'd he'd be coming to stay next week. This collector of Mount Holyoke postcards transcribes the messages, which convey much about the college as well as the type of messages ("arrived safe," e.g.) for which people used them. I'm sure there are a gazillion postcard websites. Two others I like are Lileks on motels and diners; and VCU's online exhibition of Richmond postcards, though the later never and the former rarely shares the message. Any others you all would like to share?

: Alan Alda's memoir, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed
On the Muzak at Ukrop's: Talking Heads, "Once in a Lifetime"
Capital City weather: 90, humid, clearish


Anonymous said...

ooooh! redecorated!
I like!


Lisa said...

Thanks - I spent all day wallpapering.

Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

I can attest to that!