Thursday, April 10, 2003

Questions from today’s lesson on “Virginia Pathways”:

The point where the level of the land changes and the rivers become waterfalls is called the ______________.

The largest natural harbor in America is ____________________.

The first roads were paid for by __________________.

Virginia voted for a “_______ as you ________” policy for funding new roads.

I-64 goes from east to west from N_________, through R____________, and C____________.

Today, I started with rowdy fifth graders, and got better and better behaved ones as the day progressed. We did some math, social studies, and reading. Actually, I did social studies three times: the Virginia Pathways video. They also had recess, P.E., and lunch. And snacks. I don’t remember snacking in school.

How do teachers know when to pause and say, "apologize for hitting him" and when to move on with the lesson?

Their school is out by the mall that I still think of as The New Mall, and looks to have been built in the 1950s, with those brick-shaped wall tiles, asphalt tile floors, tilt-out windows, and nice honey-colored wood trim. Ms. White's classroom has a long closet with hooks for coats, and, next to it, a built in bookcase that once had glass doors (I'm guessing from the hinges) and still has doors below that fasten with wonderful, industrial brass latches. Their mascot is a penguin, which seemed right on this damp, 40 degree day.

Answers: Fall Line, Hampton Roads, local governments, pay as you go, Norfolk – Richmond – Charlottesville.

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