Friday, April 04, 2003

Ham and Plaques

Ah, classic Simpsons reruns have returned to channel 35. We had been getting way too many repeats of the same six episodes from the past three years.

A reliable fan site identifies one of tonight's as Homer Defined, but does not highlight my favorite line. In this ep, Homer becomes Employee of the Month thanks to eeny-meeny-miney-mo-ing his way to the right button for averting a meltdown. The next day, Mr. Burns calls upon Homer to deliver a motivational speech at Shelbyville's power plant (owned by the voice of John Lovitz). Homer tries to weasel out of it, but Burns chides him that "Employee of the Month isn't all ham and plaques you know." I love that. I use it all the time and folks look at me funny.

The Friends of Richmond Public Library book sale drew the usual cast of characters, today: voracious readers on a budget, used book dealers, students, and retired folks. About 55 people came in when we threw open the doors at about 9:58 a.m. Tomorrow we'll get more families, and school teachers looking to fill their additional reading shelves.

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