Monday, June 03, 2013

An Incomplete List of Places We Find Earwigs @ Our Library

  • in the bookmarks holder
  • in the notebook with school summer reading lists
  • on the scanner (on the glass)
  • in the lid of coworker's covered coffee mug 
  • behind the lock on the glass display case 
  • under keyboards
  • in the plastic holder with a flyer announcing an upcoming event (2!)
  • in the plastic holder featuring a photocopy of the bestseller list 
  • inside an interoffice mail envelope 
  • in the drawer of Summer Reading Club prizes
("Some tunnel as deeply as six feet into the ground to escape the cold. The name earwig is from a European superstition that these insects entered the ears of a sleeping person and bored into the brain. This belief is totally unfounded." -- learn more about these mostly harmless critters from the Virginia Extension Service website, here.)


Unknown said...

There was also an earwig behind one of the plastic display signs for storytime.

Lisa said...


Ann ODyne said...

Thanks for that link full of surprises like: even 'an earwig mother vigorously guards her young'.