Friday, October 21, 2011

"Avoiding the Path to Obsolescence," by Steven Smith and Carmelita Pickett. American Libraries, Sept./Oct. 2011.

In short: be nimble, responsive.

Learn from two key failures seen as Blockbuster collapsed:
- "internal constituency . . . couldn't believe those days [whatever they are for your org.] were gone for good"

- "'once decision-makers invest in a a project, they're likely to keep doing so, because of the money already at stake.'"

Respond to "customer wants and needs in a timely and efficient manner, even at the expense of letting go of past practices and tools no matter how cherished or successful.'"

New model possibilities:
- connect users to lots of things, across formats
- just in time better than deep inventory
- convenient formats
- variety of spaces: both quiet and lively
- flexible space available as close to 24/7 as possible
- look for new initiatives, ventures

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