Saturday, August 06, 2011

Nice Things

Trying to cancel out the bad feelings from the 8 minutes of the day when there was no public PC access, I was the only librarian in the building, people needed the meeting room, a boy needed his summer reading prize. The computer outage went on for an hour, but stuff settled down. Mostly.

 Good things that happened:
  • gave 2 summer reading club prizes
  • made an older gent really please/proud when I showed him he had already correctly commented on a friend's FB post
  • had books on personal finance on the shelf!
  • had the sort of horse books a woman wanted for her kids who are going to volunteer at a theraputic riding program
  • 3 older woman (different times of the day) saw I was running to keep up and said kind things along the "you're doing great" lines
  • deaf-as-a-post man was happy with the books I pointed him at, so I did not have to talk at 11 for very long

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