Friday, May 27, 2011

Circle Heart

For the last 4 or 6 weeks, I've been working on spending a nice chunk of money from the Friends of the Library to redecorate my Teen section. These green circle curtains (fabric scraps, above) were on sale -- but needed hemming. Sewing, I find, is mostly prep work and relatively little actual stitching. I put them up, pinned them up in place on the window (just out of view, sadly, in that shot below, which is all I have handy), took them down, measured and pinned and fussed, pressed, eyeball measured, pressed under the raw edge -- then sewed. They turned out more even than most things I hem!

Hemming isn't creative, but I feel like decorating is. My rockin' predecessor covered and hung those fabric bulletin boards and acquired the blue and orange little bookshelves at left. I picked up on and expanded the pallet and worked with blues, greens, gray, and orange. The circle decals came from Walls Need Love and arrived with alarming directions in a tiny font. Luckily, the circles weren't the kind that needed ultra-careful handling: I worked out air bubbles easily and lifted and repositioned them readily. I think they look swell. I had just calmed down from being pleased with myself over the circles when our fancy beanbag chairs arrived! The orange and gray (the footstool thing at left, by the bulletin board) match just fine and finish branding the area as for teens. 

The kid who was in an armchair in Teen yesterday when the beanbags arrived has been camping out with us for 3 or more weeks, having been thrown out of school. "Want to be first to try out our cool new beanbags?!" I gushed. He looked at me with more than usual disdain, turned his back and continued dozing. I sat on one beanbag, decided it worked, and left the second one in the middle of the space. Much later on (after dinner and a turn at the Children's desk), I found him showing off for a noisy threesome splayed all over the beanbag chairs. Once they left, two high schoolers (their junk, pictured) took over. I declare the beanbags a success! 

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