Friday, March 11, 2011

Ref Grunt

She wants to print out 114 emails.

Looking for Finding Thalhimers.


P.C. Cast's new one.

The other desk is for check-out.

Why can't he right click. -- Who knows, but just go 'round the other way and click edit>copy.

PIN is changeme.

Daisy Dalrymple mysteries (thanks for the help, NoveList!)

Watching dude who is sitting between two of our quickest-to-anger patrons talking on his cell phone. He's amazingly quiet, so I may let it go.

Direct her to Mysteries.

Gent is shocked - shocked! - that people don't put magazines back in the right place. I tell him we'll take care of it. (It was about time for me to circle the room, anyway, so I grabbed them. I did not know we subscribed to Truckin.)

Computer classes.


(Why do older gents think it's hilarious to comment on the full computers? If I point out an available machine they're all "I'm just joking." Joking about what? About how people love their FarmVille?)

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