Monday, February 28, 2011

Ref Grunt

Sorry, no, I can't unfilter the computers in Children's for you.

Telling me you haven't been to the library "in over ten years" and asserting your are "just looking to kill time" does not win me over.

(I switch to adult side, and forget about working on my monthly report!)

Pursuit of Happyness.


Computer, computer.

Printer is where?

Add money to print, how?

Take the phone chat outside, please.


Where's my print? [You gotta hit print the second time, when money management system asks, do you really want to print these x pages?]

Teach new library member to use shelf-check. He's got an H2G2 DVD, so I am extra nice.


Scary dude needs our phone. He is not too angry or loud at the person he calls.


Tissues for amiable, chic woman. We grouse about allergies for two seconds.

Hipster with ringing iPhone needs the hold he didn't come in for in time re-sent here. Or not. He can't decide.

Books by Frank Deford, Laura Hillenbrand.

(OMG, look at the cute red polka-dot Mary Jane sneakers on that child!!)

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