Friday, December 10, 2010

Test Drive

Phusband and I have work's iPad to test-drive. It doesn't much like the wireless at home -- neither do our iPod Touches-- so I took it out for breakfast at Stir Crazy. This is now the most I have typed on it or the Touch, and it's slow going!

I have been pretty happy, however, with the reading experience. I used Google books to download a free copy of James's Portrait of a Lady, and have been happy reading it in a chair or on bed. Google books seems to have its flaws. I'd guess the books have been scanned in, and so the occasional typo or missing space between words appears. This morning, after P left to do his 6 -8 a.m. radio show, I tried it in "night" mode, which was white letters on black, for reading without the light. Could be the bifocals or any number of other things, but I did
N't love the black-with-white letters, so I went back to the regular mode. Mission accomplished: I fell back asleep after ten or so pages. I turned it off, but I guess it would have timed out.

This morning, it' allowing for the perfect amount of pre-errand list making, FB checks and this "quick" blogging.

Using this is making me appreciate more that link Tina posted - let's see about hyperlinking to it.

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