Friday, August 27, 2010

Ref Grunt

Book about a battle -- turns out to be a scholarly article, so we don't have it.


Eavesdrop on one woman asking another where she got the Betty Boop purse.

Vampirates (his grown up asserted "there's no such thing")

Try to track down someone with a huge, terrible cough - turns out to be smallish older woman who needs The Help, in large print.

Woman is haughty about having to reserve a study room and agree to use room policies.

Award summer reading prizes.

Second encounter with a woman with whom I talked about books being in the teen area not because they are harder to read but because the topics are for more mature readers. Her boy (7? 8? -- but an Advanced Reader) did not like Grisham's Kid Lawyer book. Let me know it really isn't for younger kids. Got it.

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