Sunday, July 11, 2010


On facebook the other evening, a friend posted an emergency call to friends on her street: "anyone have a dollar? The tooth fairy needs to visit!" People immediately replied with variations on Yes (including an offer of a gold $1 coin), or "darn, no," or at least "I've been in this straight, before too!" stories. One friend wrote "Best.Post.Ever." But one or two folks seem to chide her for the practice - give her a note, a small present instead they implored. Which could be a great tradition, but she asked for a dollar: this is what her family does. And perhaps this is Child #2: really unfair to change it up on her. Save your advice. Help or bite your tongue.

I could be too sensitive; maybe it was all in the spirit of Sharing Traditions. Just goes to show that typed words can be harder to interpret than spoken.

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Daniel said...

I like the dollar coin idea. Of course, I am the child of cheapo parents--I mean, a cheapo tooth fairy--who left a quarter. (Though, in the '70s, a quarter went much further than it does now.)
Seriously? People are chiding a mother for wanting to leave a dollar for the kid?
What is the parent supposed to do: go out and get a 20 from the ATM and then go buy a Snickers to break the 20 at 11pm? Sheesh. Help your friend/neighbor with a buck, you weenies.