Saturday, January 09, 2010

New House

Late February will find us in a new place! While it's not as walkable a neighborhood as where we live now, there is

- a city library at 4/10 mile
- a drugstore and some fast food at 7/10 mile
- a Ukrop's at 1.5 mile (but hills and intersection and I think a lack of sidewalk make it an unlikely walk).

My work is 4.5 miles away. Yup, that's right! Fun with the odometer on the way to work, today.

And Mapquest says the block of restaurants, bookstore, and wine shop is 7/10 mile!


sheree said...

Clearly I haven't blogged enough because I wanted to press the "LIKE" button. So instead, I'll write "HORRAY!"

Lisa said...

Sheree, I have a notion that most of life needs a "like" button: blogs and personal chats, too. For example, me: "How about pizza tonight?" Phil: .