Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Part One: Ethics
Is it okay to book-talk books I haven't read?

If I already book-talked a book, do I have to finish it? It's sooooo girl-drama.

Part Two: Lists
Books Book-Talked at WMS
this month (I get credit for circ stats on all copies this summer, right?):

Step to This / Nikki Carter
No Way Out / Peggy Kern
We Are the Ship / Kadir Nelson
Slam Dunk
/ Sharon Robinson

I talked about those consistently. I displayed these and/or mentioned these to some classes:
Postcard / Tony Abbot
Burger Wuss
/ M.T. Anderson
A La Carte / Tanita Davis
Scat / Carl Hiaasen
InuYasha Rumiko Takahashi
Hip-Hop: A Short History / Rosa Waters

See my LibraryThing to search for books by tags when kids say "this lady came to our school and talked about a baseball book" or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

It's gotta be OK to book talk books that you haven't read. You do your research on reviews and do your best with what you've got. And hope no one point-blank asks you if you've read it during the book talk! Is it OK to lie when someone asks you if you've read the book during a book talk? That's the ethical question! (and no, I don't think it's OK to lie)