Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday at the Ref Desk

- Did that man really just burp at me?

- What is that poster that Conspiracy Theory Man is sneaking into the lib.?

- Teen girl enters the library and announces "I hate the library."

- Little boy and adult chaperone (grandma?) are having heated discussion: He didn't want to come to this dumb old library anyway - wants to play video games. I find books on the Constitution that the adult wanted him to have. He finds book on guns and begins turning pages gleefully: "My step-dad had this one! And this one, and this one. . . ."

- Books on women in the Bible for a college-level paper.

- What's my card number?

- Helped various young people with Teen Treasure Hunt.

- Helped Chatty Cathy hunt down today's paper. Actually, it may have walked out the door. . . . "People do that?!"

- Complain to maintenance about the cold; 3 hours later someone comes and restarts boiler.

- Fighting with photocopier.

- Computer class sign up.

- Learn about Nooma from friendly man who asks all kinds of questions as I try to ILL them for him.

- African-American books for teens; I get to hand out the snappy new list a co-worker made.

- Woman complains about computer logging off (after the 2 warnings it gives) before she was ready.

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