Friday, January 30, 2009

Many People Are Nice

A coworker, over at the big library, wants to make a point about blogging about good things that happen at the lib. There are too many whiny blogs, she says.

Sometimes, I like to vent. Sometimes, I feel the need to tell a funny patron story. I do feel like I'm teetering on a Professionalism fulcrum. I don't mind reading the complaining blogs from time to time. Some force little practice scenarios into my head: Wow, I wonder what I will do when I get someone like that?

With D as a role model, today I will pause to be grateful for a nice fellow. He was in the middle of the front row of PC, just next to a cell phone-talker. I gave the young woman my pat cell phone phrase -- "Ma'am, I'm sorry, we ask that you use your cell phone outside of the library" -- and she said No, this is important. At the other end of the row, a man needed help: he couldn't get his e-mail by typing MYNAME[at]gmail[dot]com in the address bar. I sorted him out and eyed the woman. She migrated to the lobby.

Nice Man got up from his computer, smiled and said, "That's some tough job you have."

At my lib, random patrons often thank us for trying to rein in mayhem or just for being here. It feels good.

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