Monday, June 12, 2006

From The New Yorker (6/5/06 issue)

We Don't Want to Hear About it Department

From the Napa (Calif.) Napa Valley Register

You see, Google wants, needs, us to trust it because it has great plans. It wants us to feel free to load all the information we want into Google Base to create the largest suppository of information on the planet.

Please discuss.

My Fellow Virginians

Please vote in the Democratic Primary tomorrow.

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Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

So a kind of corporate Library of Congress? Then once the internets is SO expensive to have (yet I will be compelled to think I need it), they can charge me extra to access the information I put up there to begin with? Hmm...
Do I still want a cellphone? No.
Do I need one? Hmm...

Sorry, a little scattered. But maybe the best way a terrorist could really screw up the world of the west is create some kind of technology that would kill fiberoptic / digital technology. How would THAT be for creating end of the world type rapture?

I shudder to think..


Daniel said...

ROTFLMFAO. I'd love to see a giant suppository of information, I just hope that no one tries to use it on me.

Once the digital tech firestorm hits, you are all welcome to come and live with me in the world of manually-operated record players and calling cards.

Daniel said...

to create the largest suppository of information

Come on, people. Please tell me that I'm not the only one who got that one...

Lisa said...

It is hysterical, Dan. That's what those NYer bits are for. I'd have to do research to see if they pioneered running such tidbits, or if it was Reader's Digest; or perhaps Carson.

I just don't have a very big readership.